Great design starts by determining how the space is going to be used. When you remodel, you have the opportunity to create space instead of adapting to it.
Here are some ideas for customizing your new space: 
Choose a theme or style for the entire room.  Make your finish selections by asking yourself, "Does this fit with my theme?"
Envision one layer at a time. As you add layers, consider whether you want to match the previous layer, or contrast it, or compliment it. 
Start with the primary surfaces-walls, ceiling and floors.  They are the canvas and set the tone for the finished product. What kind of picture do you want to paint?  For a luxurious feel, consider options other than drywall and carpet.
The second layer includes accent surfaces--windows, window treatments, moldings/millwork and cabinets.  
Your furniture and upholstery make up your third layer. 
Finally, use accessories to tie it all together and add interest with your fourth layer.  You can add punch in this layer without taking a big financial risk.  Purple throw pillows are relatively inexpensive.  Purple flooring is not.
The most effective way to create a peaceful harmonious environment is to keep your house tidy, clutterfree and clean. A good storage system makes this much easier. We can help with that too!