What to Expect

A remodeling project is a partnership between the homeowner and the contractor.  Remodeling can be very intrusive for the homeowner, and there can be unseen risks for the remodeler.  A home remodel requires a high level of trust between the homeowner and the remodeler. Choose us as your remodeler, and you will love the results.
Our Sales Process:

1) We will meet with you to discuss your project and take initial measurements.* 
2) Based on this meeting, we will determine the price range for your project. If the range is acceptable to you, we will sign a contract for the design phase and design the project.
3) If the range is not acceptable, we will work together on the scope of the project to get it into an acceptable range.

4) Once the design is completed and approved by you, we will give you an exact price for the entire project. This price won't change unless something is added or removed from the project.

Here are the steps in the remodeling project:

1) Design: it all starts with a good complete design.  

2) Demolish the existing space and or create a new foundation.

3) Frame the new space: walls, roof, windows, siding, exterior doors.

4) Install mechanical systems: HVAC, electrical, plumbing.

5) Insulate and install and finish drywall or wall cladding. (Our remodeling service includes an expert paint color consultation.)

6) Install mill work, cabinets, appliances and flooring.

 *We would be happy to provide a free quote on an existing design.